CEO for MainlyAI

MainlyAI is a Sweden and US-based deeptech start-up founded in 2020 that offers a platform-as-a-service for AI development, execution and sharing. The company is well funded through governmental and private investments and has 5 employees today. We are looking for you to take control for its day-to-day operations and long-term strategies and execution.

What will you do:

  1. Develop and drive Sales as well as Fundraising strategies & activities for MainlyAI
  2. Represent MainlyAI in customer and investors’ dialogues
  3. Act as a Product Owner for MainlyAI’s Platform-as-a-Service, MIRANDA, and guide the technical development team with respect to new features and feature prioritisation
  4. Develop the company in accordance with the strategies decided by the board of directors
  5. Drive development of organization and business processes of the company
  6. Ensure fulfilment of ongoing project commitments

Your Must-have qualifications:

  1. MSc or PhD in computer science, engineering or similar
  2. Experience in running start-ups and raising venture capital
  3. Proven experience in business development
  4. 5+ years of experience in running large-scale software projects
  5. Experience with people leadership
  6. Strong communication skills

Your Good-to-have qualifications:

  1. Artificial Intelligence/Data Science knowledge
  2. Experience in Platform-as-a-Service sales
  3. Experience in two-sided business models
  4. Experience from healthcare/medtech/biotech domain
  5. Experience from product management
  6. Proven innovation skills (e.g. in form of patents or publications)


If you think you can be the new CEO for MainlyAI please reach out to Cecilia Lantz on

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