Interview with Mikael Nordenstjerna, MainlyAI’s new CEO.

1. What are you looking forward to the most when starting at MainlyAI? To get my hands dirty. I want to be in this amazing field of work and build a world-class company. With the foundation already in place, it will be a thrill to get busy realising all the promise of the tech inContinue reading “Interview with Mikael Nordenstjerna, MainlyAI’s new CEO.”

MainlyAI hires Mikael Nordenstjerna as Chief Executive Officer

Stockholm, Sweden, & Palo Alto, CA, March 6, 2023 — On the 6th of March 2023, MainlyAI, a Stockholm, Sweden, and Palo Alto, CA, based deeptech start-up, excelling in developing a shared economy for Artificial Intelligence, has announced that it is enhancing its journey by hiring Mikael Nordenstjerna as the company‚Äôs CEO. Mikael brings vastContinue reading “MainlyAI hires Mikael Nordenstjerna as Chief Executive Officer”