Our Platform-as-a-Service MIRANDA is Ready to Help

Data and Knowledge Discovery and Integration

Or algorithms are fuelled by your data, machine-readable knowledge, and your objective functions, i.e. what you want to achieve with your data and knowledge. We work in a data-driven fashion and constantly improve the decision support provided to you by our system. We integrate your data from various sources, such as sensors, process data feeds, documentation and logs into our system, and create machine-readable knowledge out of it,

Key Performance Indicator Discovery and Monitoring

Do you know what key performance indicators you need to monitor and control? These are connected to the data feeds that you have at hand. We provide you with a choice of relevant indicators from our library, based on the availability of your data. You tell us if you want to keep a eye and control any custom ones and we add them. The key performance indicators form a system of sustainability, profitability and human wellbeing indicators controlled in a systemic fashion.

Decision Support, Automation and What-If Analysis

Our state-of-the art methods allow you to get decision support from our platform-as-a-service, either through APIs allowing you to automate your strategies, or though a graphical dashboard allowing your domain experts to see the trends and control the goals you wan to reach. In addition you will be able to test your hypothesis by running what-if scenarios in a simulated version of your system with no disturbances on your live system.

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