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The price is right (?) Or how to monetise on your fantastic AI product?

So… you are in the process of creating an AI product that will become a smashing success? Congratulations! Many exciting, frustrating, long hours of development lie ahead. The great news is that the recent boom in companies adopting and incorporating AI technologies into their daily processes on a wider scale has created an almost insatiableContinue reading “The price is right (?) Or how to monetise on your fantastic AI product?”

Organisational Management for AI – Five Key Principles

Artificial Intelligence is a science that mimics human intelligence and other phenomena that exist in nature, such as evolution. Plenty of concepts that work out for humans are therefore directly applicable to algorithms. Concepts that work out for organisations of humans are relevant for organisations of algorithms. Therefore, when recruiting your team of AI workers,Continue reading “Organisational Management for AI – Five Key Principles”

Six Advantages of Digital Twins

A digital twin is a digital representation of something. Often, it is a digital representation of a physical object, but in more general sense it can represent a complex system that may consist of a combination of hardware, software, humans and environment. Such as a production process, for example. Or an industrial robot, a cat,Continue reading “Six Advantages of Digital Twins”

Churn for Dummies

Let’s dig into something we all want to avoid – being left behind. In business, the term churn describes situations when someone quits a certain relationship you had. It’s like you’ve been going to a certain hairdresser for years, and one day decided to start going to a different one. It’s not cheating like someContinue reading “Churn for Dummies”


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