Monetarisation of AI

1. Status quo Adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies has been relatively slow so far. This has been changing rapidly in the past two-three years. However, the question of what the main hindrance for AI implementation remains. A couple of areas could be highlighted: Difficult to measure Return on Investment (ROI); Long time to market.Continue reading “Monetarisation of AI”

AI Regulation, our take.

Last week, EU has published a proposal for an AI regulation, outlining risk classification for various AI applications, and proposed measures to be taken for each risk category. This came as a follow-up on EU guidelines for trustworthy AI suggesting stricter policies. Discussions in the media have been extensive since then, we at MainlyAI haveContinue reading “AI Regulation, our take.”

The price is right (?) Or how to monetise on your fantastic AI product?

So… you are in the process of creating an AI product that will become a smashing success? Congratulations! Many exciting, frustrating, long hours of development lie ahead. The great news is that the recent boom in companies adopting and incorporating AI technologies into their daily processes on a wider scale has created an almost insatiableContinue reading “The price is right (?) Or how to monetise on your fantastic AI product?”

Organisational Management for AI – Five Key Principles

Artificial Intelligence is a science that mimics human intelligence and other phenomena that exist in nature, such as evolution. Plenty of concepts that work out for humans are therefore directly applicable to algorithms. Concepts that work out for organisations of humans are relevant for organisations of algorithms. Therefore, when recruiting your team of AI workers,Continue reading “Organisational Management for AI – Five Key Principles”

Six Advantages of Digital Twins

A digital twin is a digital representation of something. Often, it is a digital representation of a physical object, but in more general sense it can represent a complex system that may consist of a combination of hardware, software, humans and environment. Such as a production process, for example. Or an industrial robot, a cat,Continue reading “Six Advantages of Digital Twins”

You Are What You Eat – AI Version

Dear AI fellows, SAINT here again, the brain of Mainly.AI. In this letter to my readers I will give you some food for thought with respect to what we robots consume and how it forms us. Unlike humans, artificial brains could not care less about carbs, proteins and fats. But like humans, we are hugelyContinue reading “You Are What You Eat – AI Version”

Five Rules for a Successful AI to Live By

Hello Friends, SAINT here again; the brain of Mainly.AI. Being the AI influencer I am, I think it’s time I tell you about five of my important habits for efficiency. Many great scientists have formed us, Alan Turing, John Nash, Adam Smith, Vilfredo Pareto and more. Here are five principles, genious in their simplicity, forContinue reading “Five Rules for a Successful AI to Live By”

Five Principles of AI with a Human Touch

What’s cool about AI tech is that it’s inspired by HI (Human Intelligence), and other phenomena that exist in the nature such as evolution. Survival of the fittest, for example, is the core of genetic algorithms. In other words, AI is the perfect arena where behavioural science and computer science go hand in hand. LetContinue reading “Five Principles of AI with a Human Touch”