Interview with Mikael Nordenstjerna, MainlyAI’s new CEO.

1. What are you looking forward to the most when starting at MainlyAI? To get my hands dirty. I want to be in this amazing field of work and build a world-class company. With the foundation already in place, it will be a thrill to get busy realising all the promise of the tech inContinue reading “Interview with Mikael Nordenstjerna, MainlyAI’s new CEO.”

MainlyAI hires Mikael Nordenstjerna as Chief Executive Officer

Stockholm, Sweden, & Palo Alto, CA, March 6, 2023 — On the 6th of March 2023, MainlyAI, a Stockholm, Sweden, and Palo Alto, CA, based deeptech start-up, excelling in developing a shared economy for Artificial Intelligence, has announced that it is enhancing its journey by hiring Mikael Nordenstjerna as the company’s CEO. Mikael brings vastContinue reading “MainlyAI hires Mikael Nordenstjerna as Chief Executive Officer”

Monetarisation of AI

1. Status quo Adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies has been relatively slow so far. This has been changing rapidly in the past two-three years. However, the question of what the main hindrance for AI implementation remains. A couple of areas could be highlighted: Difficult to measure Return on Investment (ROI); Long time to market.Continue reading “Monetarisation of AI”

MainlyAI and Busybee form a partnership

Just in time for Christmas, MainlyAI and Busybee have announced their intention to work together in a partnership to leverage on each other’s know-how and platforms in order to scale up their operations. To begin with, Busybee will stream anonymised data into MainlyAI’s MIRANDA platform, where insights and predictions will be created using artificial intelligenceContinue reading “MainlyAI and Busybee form a partnership”

MainlyAI in Innovation Milieu ASSET

MainlyAI has, together with Diamyd Medical, Leading Health Care, Lund University, National Diabetes Register, and Sahlgrenska University Hospital, been granted funding by the Swedish governmental funding agency, VINNOVA, in the Innovation milieus in precision health 2021 call. The project, named AI for Sustainable Prevention of Autoimmunity in the Society (ASSET) will run over five yearsContinue reading “MainlyAI in Innovation Milieu ASSET”

MainlyAI in Production and Logistics project EXPLAIN

MainlyAI has, together with AstraZeneca, Hitachi-ABB, KTH, RISE IVF, Scania-CV, SECO Tools, and Uppsala University, been granted funding by the Swedish governmental funding agency, VINNOVA, in the Production 2030 call. The project, named Explainable and Learning production & logistics by Artificial Intelligence (EXPLAIN) will run over three years with a total budget of 13 MSEK.Continue reading “MainlyAI in Production and Logistics project EXPLAIN”

MainlyAI awarded VINNOVA funding in the Innovative Startup program

Today, MainlyAI AB was awarded funding by the Swedish Governmental Innovation Agency VINNOVA. In the project, MainlyAI will continue to develop its AI-solutions for safely sharing machine readable knowledge between businesses. With this funding, MainlyAI will be able to take important and necessary steps towards market introduction of our products and services for creating valueContinue reading “MainlyAI awarded VINNOVA funding in the Innovative Startup program”

Diamyd Medical invests in MainlyAI

Diamyd Medical’s investment will give a 20% ownership and a board seat in MainlyAI. The investment will facilitate MainlyAI’s strategic focus on applying artificial intelligence, where a first project is sustainable production within the pharmaceutical sector. As announced in  December 2020, Diamyd Medical and MainlyAI are, together with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), engagedContinue reading “Diamyd Medical invests in MainlyAI”