AI Regulation, our take.

Last week, EU has published a proposal for an AI regulation, outlining risk classification for various AI applications, and proposed measures to be taken for each risk category. This came as a follow-up on EU guidelines for trustworthy AI suggesting stricter policies. Discussions in the media have been extensive since then, we at MainlyAI haveContinue reading “AI Regulation, our take.”

MainlyAI continues to strengthen its development team: meet Kristofer Älvring

1.    What are you looking forward to the most when starting at MainlyAI?             If you’re going to build algorithms, which will change the world, you need a swift, smart and fierce crew skilled in navigating stormy seas, capturing whales and dodging sharks, all whilst having great fun at the same time. I feel reallyContinue reading “MainlyAI continues to strengthen its development team: meet Kristofer Älvring”