Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Production

ALISTAIR project is a collaboration between Diamyd Medical, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and MainlyAI with support from Vinnova and Formas.

Diamyd Medical

Diamyd Medical is a publicly traded company, with a strong focus on sustainability and limiting its environmental impact. As the company is currently in the process of building its production plant, there is a big potential of minimizing the climate impact of the factory and transferring the learnings to other production plants. Diamyd Medical is supplying the necessary data and domain knowledge for the development of the sustainability framework of ALISTAIR.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

KTH is one of Europe’s leading technical and engineering universities. KTH is contributing with competence in network in system architecture and design, and competence in industrial production, with specific focus on design of production systems, industrialization of new products, process stability, lean & sustainable production, circularity economy and digitalization within the context of production.


MainlyAI’s team has many years of experience from academic and practical work. It will contribute to the project with the know-how in AI and platform development, as well as project management. The ALISTAIR platform, developed and tested by MainlyAI will be generic and applicable to any production system willing to optimize its climate impact.


ALISTAIR project is co-funded by Vinnova, Sweden’s innovation agency and Formas, a government research council for sustainable development.


ALISTAIR project is co-funded by Formas, a government research council for sustainable development that funds research and innovation, develops strategies, performs analyses and conducts evaluations.

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