Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Production

Climate Action

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emission minimisation from production plants has potential to play a key role in significant emission reductions and necessary adaptations to long term climate change. In ALISTAIR, we will design, implement, and evaluate the project results to a new drug production plant focusing on recombinant proteins, currently being designed by Diamyd Medical. Through intelligent use of connected factory equipment and the solutions developed, we foresee a substantial decrease of GHG emissions. Findings from the project will be generalised and scaled towards addressing GHG emissions of pharmaceutical production and logistics chains.

Workforce wellbeing

Personalisation will allow for the workers to specify their preferences with respect to multiple parameters such as the temperature in the factory, lighting, humidity, and the settings of the equipment, as well as preferable working hours. ALISTAIR will optimize the proposal at systemic level, aiming at satisfying the diverse requirements of the workers hence contributing to more equal opportunities and increased equality.


Climate-related goals and productivity-related goals are often conflicting. Hence, environmental indicators cannot be analysed in isolation from there productivity indicators, especially in such an important industry as drug production for addressing diabetes. The solution developed within ALISTAIR will allow enterprises to choose the key performance indicators they want to monitor and affect. These will be reflected through a personalised dashboard.


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