Summary of 2022

In the year of 2022, more data than ever has been created, more privacy concerns than ever have been raised, and more AI-companies than ever have been founded. MainlyAI is one of many AI-companies on a mission to create insights from data in a trustworthy fashion, and we can see that even all actors’ efforts put together is currently not enough. Therefore, in the coming years, we look forward to increased AI efforts and to play a role in boosting collaboration in AI-applications across industries.

MainlyAI was founded in mid 2020. In 2022 we:

  • continued to contribute to the development of AI for precision health, specifically focused on early detection and prevention of autoimmune diseases, such as type 1 diabetes. Together with our partners, Diamyd Medical, Leading Healthcare Foundation, Lund University, National Diabetes Register and Sahlgrenska University Hospital, and with support from Vinnova, we have continued to develop and strengthen the innovation milieu ASSET.
  • continued to contribute to the use of AI in sustainable production through the projects ALISTAIR and EXPLAIN, with support from Vinnova and Formas, and in collaboration with KTH, Diamyd Medical, Scania, Uppsala University, Seco Tools, and AstraZeneca. 
  • provide AI expertise and solutions to the space company ISAAC that helps companies to transform existing space solutions to sustainable solution on Earth.
  • released our tool MIRANDA – a platform-as-a-service for design, execution, collaboration, and organisation of AI artifacts and projects.
  • continued to build a strong team in Stockholm, Linköping, Vilhelmina, and Palo Alto/Silicon Valley.

During 2023, we look forward to onboarding many new projects and partners to our AI collaboration platform MIRANDA, welcoming new employees, and investors to MainlyAI, and to contribute with AI solutions in our current domains of precision health, sustainability and space, and to explore new application areas. Employees, partners, and investors: Thank you for all the fun we had together in 2022. Let us make even more AI collaboration in 2023!

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