MainlyAI in Innovation Milieu ASSET

MainlyAI has, together with Diamyd Medical, Leading Health Care, Lund University, National Diabetes Register, and Sahlgrenska University Hospital, been granted funding by the Swedish governmental funding agency, VINNOVA, in the Innovation milieus in precision health 2021 call. The project, named AI for Sustainable Prevention of Autoimmunity in the Society (ASSET) will run over five years with a total budget of 60 MSEK (40 MSEK from VINNOVA).

The aim of the innovation milieu ASSET is to contribute with personalised precision prevention of autoimmune diseases in the society. In particular, artificial intelligence (AI) techniques will be applied to learn from existing data to identify (i) individuals at risk of developing type 1 diabetes, and (ii) individuals with upcoming/newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes that would benefit the most from precision prevention or early intervention with therapeutic approaches. In doing so, data from the TEDDY (The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young) study, and other sources will be used.

The ASSET innovation milieu will be coordinated by Diamyd Medical. The application was allocated full funding amount by VINNOVA in strong competition. A complete list of the funded innovation milieus can be found at (in Swedish).

About MainlyAI
MainlyAI AB (559258-7538) is a research and technology-based company with the objective to allow for businesses to share data and insights in a safe and privacy preserving way and hence speeding up and democratizing the introduction of AI technologies. The approach of MainlyAI is centered around a platform as a service with an API providing a knowledge database of data and insights, and services simplifying the data/insight access and adoption of AI technologies for business.

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