MainlyAI in Production and Logistics project EXPLAIN

MainlyAI has, together with AstraZeneca, Hitachi-ABB, KTH, RISE IVF, Scania-CV, SECO Tools, and Uppsala University, been granted funding by the Swedish governmental funding agency, VINNOVA, in the Production 2030 call. The project, named Explainable and Learning production & logistics by Artificial Intelligence (EXPLAIN) will run over three years with a total budget of 13 MSEK.

The aim of the EXPLAIN project is to increase the profitability, sustainability, and competitiveness of the Swedish manufacturing industry by an innovative combination of virtual production technologies and AI algorithms. EXPLAIN will explore this combination as a unique way to provide increased access to new knowledge and skills in the production area, which is not possible with the current industrial practice of applying virtual production technologies alone.

The EXPLAIN project is coordinated by Uppsala University. The application was allocated full funding amount by VINNOVA in strong competition, with the success rate of less than 20%. A complete list of funded projects can be found at (in Swedish).

About MainlyAI
MainlyAI AB (559258-7538) is a research and technology-based company with the objective to allow for businesses to share data and insights in a safe and privacy preserving way and hence speeding up and democratizing the introduction of AI technologies. The approach of MainlyAI is centered around a platform as a service with an API providing a knowledge database of data and insights, and services simplifying the data/insight access and adoption of AI technologies for business.

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