MainlyAI awarded VINNOVA funding in the Innovative Startup program

Today, MainlyAI AB was awarded funding by the Swedish Governmental Innovation Agency VINNOVA. In the project, MainlyAI will continue to develop its AI-solutions for safely sharing machine readable knowledge between businesses.

With this funding, MainlyAI will be able to take important and necessary steps towards market introduction of our products and services for creating value from compound machine-readable knowledge from businesses and hence increasing the benefits of AI for our customers.

The project will run during 2021 with possible extension in 2022 and onwards.

About MainlyAI
MainlyAI is a research and technology-based company with the objective to allow for businesses to share data and insights in a safe and privacy preserving way and hence speeding up and democratizing the introduction of AI technologies. The approach of MainlyAI is centered around a platform as a service with an API providing a knowledge database of data and insights, and services simplifying the data/insight access and adoption of AI technologies for business.

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